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If you have a 30-minute break, don't waste your time. Let's speak Russian. Short practice is better than nothing.
Any place is our classroom
All you need is a laptop, the Internet and Skype to begin learning Russian.
New skills for the price of a cup of coffee
A lesson with a native speaker and an experienced teacher for 5 EUR\USD per 30 minutes You pay AFTER the lesson.
Your Russian Tutor
Hello. My name is Olga, I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I am a professional teacher with a higher pedagogical education. I have been working as a tutor for 15 years. I will help you speak Russian fluently without any accent and mistakes. During our lessons I use all the up-to-date teaching methods and  approaches  to improve your speaking, listening and grammar skills. You will know a lot of interesting facts about Russia, Russian people and Saint Petersburg. In summer I work as a city guide with foreign tourists. Travelling is my hobby as well, so I know much about difficulties and troubles tourists have abroad.  Some lessons are devoted to vocabulary for pleasant journeys. If you speak Russian, I will help you practise it.
Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with me... read more >>
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Russian language
Online lessons with Russian tutor
speaking, listening, grammar...

$5.00  $10.00
russian teacher
Choose any interesting topic you like
practise your speaking skills...

$5.00  $10.00
Russian teacher
Russian for communication
make an appointment, write an e-mail...

$5.00  $10.00
Online lesson of Russian
Some useful facts about Russia
let's discuss Russian traditions...

$5.00  $10.00
Russian language
Russian for travelling
hotel, restaurant, museum vocabulary...

$5.00  $10.00
Russian tutor online
Russian for businessmen
negotiations, schedules and tables...

$10.00  $20.00
Russian online lessons with natives
Preparation for Tests
how to pass a test successfully...

$25.00  $35.00
Russian tutor
Free Russian lessons
join our  conversational practice...

You need 20 minutes of spare time, a computer with the Internet, Skype and a great wish to learn Russian.
Russian language with a tutor
You will speak Russian
fluently due to our lessons...

$5.00  $10.00
You will understand
natives after our online lessons...

$5.00  $10.00
You will use
appropriate tenses and endings...

$5.00  $10.00
You will study
Russian transcription and emphasys...

$5.00  $10.00
Test yourself
If you know Russian, pass the free grammar test.
A free grammar test
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Everyday Russian
Free useful Russian vocabulary for conversation.
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